Individual Counselling

The individual counselling services focus on helping the client resolve personal or interpersonal issues.  I will help you to identify what is ultimately at the core of your issues.  Whether it be your mindset, historical unfinished business from your past, or ineffective habits, I will help you unpack what's in the way of your highest potential as an individual in your work, relationships and life.

There can be a range of issues that individuals seek to resolve including anxiety, depression, work stress, childhood abuse, relationship violence, sexuality, coming out and others. You may not even know exactly what challenges you or exactly what the problem is.  It may be just that you feel sad, angry, scared, or lost.  Individual counselling can help you understand what's going on inside of you. I can help you to identify negative thinking patterns, ingrained beliefs, and troublesome mindsets that may be contributing to keeping you stuck in a state of tension manifested by negative emotions, poor self-esteem and/or angry reactions.

Counselling can also help reduce symptoms like fatigue, shame, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, panic attacks, and difficulties trusting others. I will work with you to create a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic space where you can learn about yourself and how you relate to others.   At the end of counselling, you will feel better about yourself, have new ways of coping with your problems, and relate to others in new and different ways.