Benefits of Counselling

Why Counselling?

Counseling provides a space to explore what you need to be able to expand, let go of the past, find direction, and explore your process without having to worry about anyone else. We all have blind spots or find that we get stuck in a feeling or perspective that limits us. One of our skilled and experienced counsellors can help you access parts of yourself that have been cut off through habit or fear.

A counselor can provide a compassionate and non-judgmental presence that enables you to develop trust in yourself and your experience. It is not always possible for significant others to provide the degree of objectivity necessary to focus just on your needs. Nor is it appropriate for friends, partners or family to take responsibility for your needs in this way. Counselling, therefore, provides a very unique relationship that supports you in your process towards expanding the possibilities of who you are, and how you choose to live your life.

There are times that the challenges in our lives may lead to isolation, anxiety, depression, and other health problems. Through counselling, you can explore your alternatives, build on your strengths, and develop new insight and skills.

Counselling can help you to:

  • Improve communications with significant others.
  • Create more passionate and harmonious relationships.
  • Resolve conflict more quickly and effectively.
  • Achieve greater peace of mind and happiness.
  • Improve your self-esteem.
  • Feel more at peace, more comfortable, and more secure in the world.
  • Successfully break free of addictive behaviours.
  • Create a happier, more functional relationship with you family (even if they never change).
  • Understand your loved ones better.
  • Increase overall satisfaction of life.
  • Learn concrete tools that you can use in your everyday life.
  • Grow personally & spiritually.
  • Improve career satisfaction & job performance.
  • Reduce stress, which promotes physical health as well.
  • Achieve greater self-fulfillment and self-mastery.
  • Unleash your true magnitude and power.
  • Learn new behaviors and/or responses that can help you to effectively achieve your goals.
  • Understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses better.
  • Understand the true source of your difficulties more objectively and thus move past them.
  • Express your feelings and come to terms with new or past experiences.
  • Develop a more positive outlook and a healthier lifestyle.