Career Counselling North Vancouver

Are you facing challenges regarding your job or career?  Maybe you just have no desire to go to work anymore, perhaps your days feel meaningless and empty? Often people seeking career counselling feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and depressed at work and in their daily lives . Perhaps the recent bumpy road in the economy has set you back psychologically, emotionally, financially - you need support getting out of a rut so that you can live up to your earning potential? Many people find themselves confused about their work/life balance and come for career counselling to integrate meaning and purpose into the work that they do. This may mean a career change, or a reframing of one’s current situation to better align with more fulfilling work. Whatever the reasons, career counselling can help you chart your course through the following scenarios:

I will work to with you to sort through your challenges to maximize your potential and ease your concerns. The career counseling North Vancouver program is designed to increase your level of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction and overall enjoyment. Many career counselling North Vancouver clients achieve a renewed sense of perspective and make significant positive changes in their lives and find meaningful, satisfying work.

I can help you discover a career aligned with your passion. I am a trained experts in many areas, including counselling people for work and careers. Please give me a call and we can arrange for us to meet as soon as possible.