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Virtual Couples Counselling

Work privately with Trevor in weekly relationship counselling therapy sessions to help you and your partner learn and practice the key essentials to effectively navigate the twists and turns of your relationship.

What Are Counselling Sessions?

A safe place for you and your partner to effectively explore the sticking points in your relationship and learn new tools for staying connected with the guidance of a seasoned therapist.

Who Are They For?

For couples who want to work privately with an experienced counsellor on specific issues. Trevor supports couples to deal more effectively with issues ranging from difficulties communicating, to conflict, to feeling a lack of intimacy and connection, to recovering from affairs.

Why Should I Consider Couples Counselling?

Sometimes couples reach a point in their relationship where they realize they are unable to resolve their issues on their own and require the expertise and experience of a seasoned relationship and marriage counsellor. Doing marriage counselling with couples is very specialized and challenging work and many therapists actively avoid working with couples due to the often challenging nature of supporting partners out of many of the rigid negative cycles they find themselves in. Tackling complex issues in intimate relationships requires specific expertise. I have devoted my practice, passion and interest in working with intimate couples.

When Can I Schedule A Session?

Counselling sessions are scheduled during regular business hours at a time that's most convenient for you.  Click "Book Online" to select a Counselling session.


Private online couples therapy with Trevor

1) Individual Couple's Session $280/75 minute session

2) Couple's 6 for 5 Package -  1,400/6-75 minute sessions - Get 6 sessions for the price of 5 and save $280)

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More On Private Counselling Sessions

Relationship & Marriage Counselling has been my primary area of expertise since 1996. I have specialized in working with intimate couples for over two decades and have provided support to over a thousand couples in that time. As a seasoned marriage counsellor, I support couples to deal more effectively with issues ranging from conflict to feeling a lack of intimacy and connection to recovering from affairs. This type of therapy is for partners whose relationships may be struggling and who want the support of a relationship counsellor to reclaim the intimacy in their relationship as well as enhance their communication and problem-solving skills. Also for couples who have decided to part ways but wish to do so gracefully and work toward a healthy friendship or co-parenting partnership.