Counselling Session Rates / Investment

1) Single 90 Minute Counselling Session Rate - $280 per 90-Minutes Session*

2) Client Commitment Package - $233 per 90-Minute Session - 6 sessions for the price of 5. (save $280)

An old Wise Woman once said..."Our old habits have way more traction than our new intentions."  The "Client Commitment Package" is for clients who recognize that the sustainable change they are longing for requires committed and consistent effort over time.   I too value the opportunity to develop a deeper rapport and get deeper results over time with my clients and so this package is my way to reward that level of commitment to change.     

*Please note.  I do not charge extra for seeing couples or families.  The counselling services you are investing in with me includes the time and expertise of myself during the session, as well as necessary preparation time, record keeping and processing. 

Fees are to be paid in full at time of booking. In addition, fees are charged for reports and letters written on behalf of clients.  We accept only Canadian funds.

3) 3-Day In-Person Couples Immersions - $3,400 for 18 hours of In-Person Couples Therapy with Trevor.

Call Trevor directly to book. 604-980-2673

Will My Extended Health Insurance Cover My Counselling Sessions?

Many people have access to extended health insurance plans through their employers which may include counselling services of a Registered Counsellor as part of your plan. You will be able to use these benefits to cover all or part of the costs of your counselling with me if your plan covers "Registered Clinical Counsellors" or R.C.C.s.

You can check with your particular insurance provider and group plan to ensure exactly what type of registered professionals and amounts of coverage you have. Plans can differ quite dramatically from one to another so that even within a specific insurance company there will be many different types of coverage depending upon what your particular company elected to have included as part of their plan.

If it is determined that you have the correct type of coverage you simply need to provide the receipt that you get from me to your insurance company and they will reimburse you at the rate outlined in your plan.

What If I Don't Have Coverage To See A Counsellor?

If your insurance plan does have coverage for counselling services but does not acknowledge the professional counselling services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor you may wish to speak directly with your Human Resources department and ask that they make an amendment to the company extended benefits plan to include the services of Registered Clinical Counsellors.

Many employers and employees are not aware that making this change to their health benefit plan is easy to do, can be done at no extra cost to the employer, and will dramatically increase the benefits that their employees can access.

It may also be helpful to craft a letter to your Human Resources department making the request to alter the counselling coverage.

Cancellation Policy

For Counselling Sessions - 24 Hours - I require 24-hour notice prior to your appointment time to cancel or change your appointment otherwise you will be charged for the full session fee.  In order to cancel or change your appointment, please go to your appointment confirmation sent to you by email when you booked and select either "change/cancel appointment". 

For Couples Immersions or Full-Day Sessions - 2 Weeks - Due to the large block of time reserved for your Couples Immersion I require full payment to secure your preferred dates.  A 2-week notice to cancel or change is required for your Couples Immersion.  If you change or cancel an immersion within 2 weeks of your start date, I will refund half of your full payment back to you and retain the other half as a late cancellation/change fee.

For Client Commitment Packages (6 for the price of 5) - Expiration/Cancellation Policy.  Given the intention of the Client Commitment Package, which is to encourage clients to engage in a more regular and consistent fashion with their counselling sessions, you have only 6 months from the time of purchase to use all 6 sessions in your package.  If your package expires and you do not use your 6 sessions within the six months, you forfeit any remaining sessions with no refund.  You may cancel your Client Commitment Package at any time during the 6 month period from the time of purchase, in which case, you will be charged the regular full session fee for the sessions you have taken and be refunded the remaining amount for those you haven't.

Getting Started

To set up an appointment or to find out more you can contact me at 604-980-2673 or click on the "Book Online" button.