Relationship Articles

Here you will find a host of articles carefully selected for excellent content on intimate relationships and other related health and well being topics.  These articles have been written by our counsellors as well as other well know contributors.  We are adding more top notch content here all the time so be sure to check back often.  It's all free for the taking and we hope it inspires and motivates you to evolve yourself, your life and your relationships!

Awakening Your Sexual Essence

One of the chief complaints for many couples who come in for relationship counselling is that of a waning or absence of the “passion” or “spark” they once enjoyed between one another. This can serve as a predictor for further decline in cases where the longing for "wanting more" out of the relationship is not adequately addressed. Couples may soon find themselves struggling with a host of ensuing problems including affairs, alcoholism, workaholism, apathy, anxiety and even serious depression. Read more about Awakening Your Sexual Essence

Gottman’s Marriage Tips - Keeping Your Marriage Strong

Since 1973, Dr. John Gottman has studied what he calls the "masters and disasters" of marriage. Ordinary people from the general public took part in long-term studies, and Dr. Gottman learned what makes marriages fail, what makes them succeed, and what can make marriages a source of great meaning. By examining partners’ heart rates, facial expressions, and how they talk about their relationship to each other and to other people, Dr. Gottman is able to predict with more than 90% accuracy which couples will make it, and which will not. What advice does Dr. Gottman have to offer? Below are some of his top suggestions for how to keep your marriage strong. Read more about Gottman’s Marriage Tips - Keeping Your Marriage Strong 

10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage - How to get more "for better" than "for worse"

What keeps couples together and marriages successful is to some degree a mystery, however, here are 10 straightforward strategies to take out some of the guess work.  Read more about 10 Secrets of a Successful Marriage

8 Issues All Couples Clash Over - Solutions to some of the problems plaguing your relationship

When it comes to couples conflict, relationship struggles, it's hardly a surprise that every couple who comes for couples counselling has at least one sore spot that consistently triggers a down-and-dirty battle. But opening the lines of communication - and a little TLC - can lead to a compromise you can both live with.  Read more about 8 Issues All Couples Clash Over

10 Myths of a Good Relationship

10 common relationship myths. Read more about 10 Myths of a Good Relationship

Can We Talk? Improving Couples' Communication

Committed couples care about the quality of their relationship. They realize communication is important in improving their relationship. Couples who have healthy marriages love and respect each other and communicate that to each other. Read more about Can We Talk?

The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings

The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings comes from different sources. The last part of them (5) comes directly from the Five Precepts followed by all the Tibetan Buddhist schools (Sila). The first eight comes from the Tiep Hien Order founded in Vietnam during the war and which came from the Zen School of Lin Chi. Read more about The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings