Depression Counselling West Vancouver

Depression is a state of mind that can have serious negative effects on all aspects of your life. It is a persistent state of low mood that can affect your thoughts, behaviour, feelings and physical well-being. Often people who are depressed experience sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, lethargy, and worthlessness.

There are many life events that may lead to depression including - relationship challenges, bereavement, moving, losing a job or income, divorce, stress, retirement, social isolation, and social rejection. Depression can also have physical causes, many diseases create malaise and low mood, hormonal changes such as menopause also play a factor. Sometimes even medication can contribute to depression.

Depression counselling in Vancouver can help you address the following concerns:

When you're depressed, it can feel like you'll never get out from under the shadow. However, depression is a treatable problem. So, if your depression is keeping you from living the life you want, don't hesitate to seek help. Working with me for depression counselling in Vancouver, I can support you in deciding what approach is right for you. There are many effective treatments that can help you overcome depression. Depression therapy can empower you to reclaim your life.

I can help you escape the darkness of depression. I am a trained experts who has experience helping people with depression. Please give me a call and we can arrange for us to meet as soon as possible.