Personal Growth Counselling

Personal growth and development begins when you realize that you want more. Perhaps you've thought "there must be more to life"?  Often people feel like they are stuck, in a midlife crisis, or in a rut when they reach out to a life coach or a personal development counsellor. Many times people experience some sort of crisis before they reach out for personal growth counselling. These challenges can come in many forms including; relationship tension and stress, divorce, job loss, illness, milestone birthdays, having children, retirement, graduation from university. Generally, there is a desire for expansion and personal growth and this is realized through personal development.

Personal growth begins when you make a firm decision to...

Working with a professional personal growth counsellor, or a life coach, can help you see who you are in new and effective ways. Often we see ourselves through ineffective filters that don't support us to live our best, most fulfilling life possible.  Redefining who you are and creating a map of how to get there is paramount to achieving your personal growth.

Feeling trapped or stuck in life is a common complaint of clients seeking life coaching or personal development support. It is common to feel overwhelmed by life and it becomes difficult to escape the stories we have created about who we are. Our over-generalizations, emotional distortions, and mental filters don't let us expand and experience personal growth and personal development.

I can help support you on your personal growth and development journey. I will support and challenge you to;