Divorce & Separation Counselling

Divorce can be one of the most traumatic events of your life. Many people find divorce and separation incredibly overwhelming and they often find themselves unable to cope emotionally, psychologically or even financially. Often there are debilitating stress related physical effects too.

Divorce counseling and separation counselling offers you and/or your partner a chance to:

Divorce or separation counselling offers couples a chance to examine the relationship with professional, unbiased support and input. A divorce or separation counsellor can offer a distant perspective and provide fresh insight. Divorce therapy can help you get clear about the state of your relationship. Counselling offers you a chance to uncover some of the underlying causes of the relationship ending and the separation and divorce. Divorce therapy can help you move forward with better understanding and honesty.

Divorce counselling and separation counselling is difficult. A divorce counsellor can help couples find closure on their lives together. A divorce and separation therapist can help divorcing couples arrive an 'ending' that feels graceful and complete. A skilled divorce therapist can help people assimilate what was good and what was less helpful in the relationship. Divorce counselling can minimise hurt and bitterness and allow for a healthier and happier future.

Separation counselling and divorce counselling enables the mourning for the loss of what had once held so much promise. A divorce counsellor will describe the loss cycle as it applies to the ending of a relationship. This helps individuals to move on with their lives understanding what to expect, with tools to help cope and manage the stages of loss. It can help people identify their own challenges and to empower them to not relive the same issues in their next relationships.

I can help you navigate your way through the pain of divorce. Please do not hesitate to call me on my confidential line to book a session to come in and talk about your relationship challenges.