Anger Management Therapy & Counselling Services

Are you challenged by your anger?  Do you feel you need anger management therapy? Then anger management counselling may be right for you.

Anger can be a healthy and natural emotion. Anger can also be a destructive, negative, consuming force in your life.  Anger is not healthy when the anger turns into uncontrollable rage. Anger can affect all areas of your life, including; relationships, work, your health, and your happiness. Anger can be caused by both internal and external events.

Do you feel consumed by rage and anger? Is anger running your life? If you feel anger, coping with your anger, or aggression is a problem for you, then anger management therapy can help. You may be experiencing some of these common issues:

Anger is a secondary emotion used to cover up primary core emotions, such as fear, hurt, pain and sadness. Usually there are triggers that cause angry emotions to surface, and understanding these triggers and how to cope with them can make all the difference.

Anger management therapy can help. Working with an anger management therapist can help you learn how to manage your anger and angry outbursts. There are many ways an anger management therapist can help you. Some common techniques used to help manage anger are; relaxation training, cognitive therapy, and skill development.

I can help you learn about anger and how you can manage your anger. I am a trained experts in many areas, including anger management counselling and anger therapy. Please give me a call and we can arrange for us to meet as soon as possible.